S2. Ep 13: The Limits to Our Justice with Jana Schmieding

If you’re not tuned in to Jana Schmieding and her awesome podcast Woman of Size, you’re missing out. Jana is a comedian, writer, educator, and artist with a talent for getting to the heart of why we need to expand our vision of justice. She is also a Lakota woman who navigates feminism in white and decolonized spaces and has a lot to say about both. We talked about how she uses her platform to advance both Native and fat liberation, dug into the distinctions between body positivity and fat positivity, and celebrated the badassery of Wilma Mankiller. (Music by Ava Luna and Loyalty Freak Music.)

S2. Ep.9: The T Is Usually Silent with Hazel Edwards

I've wanted to interview Hazel Edwards ever since I started Feminist Hotdog. At the tender age of 22, she's the interim director of the Bryson Institute, the education and training department for Philadelphia's Attic Youth Center. Pushed out of a school that refused to affirm her gender, she now advocates for trans youth and educates service providers. Listen and get your education on intersectional feminism and being an ally to trans and nonbinary people. Her story will make your liberationist heart sing! (Music by Ava Luna and Loyalty Freak Music.)

Stuff We Talked About on This Episode:

S2. Ep.8: I Don't Know What That Is, But I Googled It with Alissa Medina

This week I got to nerd out with Fembot co-founder and chief digital officer Alissa Medina! Alissa’s been all about that magazine lyfe since she founded her first online pub at SIXTEEN. We talk about keeping content intersectional (not just using the word), dealing with trolls (while still benefiting from the algorithm boost they provide), and continuously evolving her platform to meet the changing needs of feminist readership. Thanks for sharing your magic, Alissa! (Music by Ava Luna and Loyalty Freak Music.)