S1. Ep. 9: Let's Have a Kiki

In this episode, we learn about the world of artist and writer Christine Sloan Stoddard—a world inhabited by fictional quails, badly blown glass and sparkly clay vulvas among other oddities and delights. We also talk about pushing past disappointment, applaud a new YouTube series for LGBTQ youth, and learn about the woman behind the Bechdel Test. (Music by Ava Luna and Loyalty Freak Music.)

S1. Ep. 7: I Want to Believe

This week's guest, Chintia Kirana, is an artist with many unique talents. She publishes a magazine, makes her own ink...and she has something in common with Haley Joel Osment in The Sixth Sense. Learn about her vision (artistic and otherwise), and hear how we answered a Dear Feminist Hotdog question that's out of this world. (Theme music by Ava Luna and Loyalty Freak Music.)

S1. Ep. 4: "Is That Santa's Husband?"

Educator, single mother, doctoral student and all-around badass Lauryn joins Feminist Hotdog for a fun-filled look at our favorite feminist Halloween costume of the year, a women-only anti-nuclear protest camp that lasted two decades, and an artist who's still painting daily at the age of 103. Plus, we answer the question: What can we do about mansplaining? (Theme music by Ava Luna and Loyalty Freak Music.)