S2. Ep 12: Thank You, Kimberlé Crenshaw with Liz Kleinrock

If the world had more teachers like Liz Kleinrock, what a wonderful place it would be! She’s an award-winning, book-writing, TED-talk-giving badass educator who is living her values every day. Whether in front of the classroom or on Instagram, where she runs a popular platform for other teachers, Liz inspires the people around her by shining a light on critical social justice issues. Listen and learn about how she went viral for talking to students about consent, what it takes to be a feminist teacher, and why life is better with Lizzo. (Music by Ava Luna and Loyalty Freak Music.)

S2. Ep.4: Don't Make Me Give You a Lecture with Antonia Hartley

I had such a great time interviewing Antonia Hartley, also known as The Feminist Nutritionist. In this episode, we talk about that sneaky minx diet culture, the difference between body positivity and body neutrality, and the incredible benefits of telling perfectionism to GO AWAY. We also got to know two fabulous new Hall of Famers: rockstar college prez Ruth Simmons and actual rock star Lizzo. (Music by Ava Luna and Loyalty Freak Music.)