I Want to Believe

This episode was a wild ride to other dimensions and back!

My guest, Chintia Kirana, is such a badass artist that not only does she publish a magazine, make her own ink and travel the world promoting her work, she literally TURNED HER HOUSE into a studio space for other artists! Love it! Chintia joined me in between trips abroad to talk about her life as a working artist and, specifically, a woman in the art world who is often labeled as a “minority” or “immigrant” artist when she would prefer to steer clear of labels altogether. She also shared a bit about her sixth sense and ability to pick up on visitors from the afterlife—spooky!

Our feminist hearts sang this week about the #WomanMPsoftheWorld gathering, 140 women parliamentarians from around the world who traveled to the British Houses of Parliament to talk about “the challenges faced by female MPs including balancing work with motherhood, the daily battle to be taken seriously, sexual harassment and intimidation” and how female representatives must show restraint while being patronized, discouraged and even threatened. (Source: The Guardian) WOW! Women joined the convening from 104 different countries, including Côte d’Ivoire, Pakistan, Canada, Columbia, Egypt, Nigeria, Indonesia (the nation of Chintia’s birth), Oman, Ireland, Gambia, Slovakia and Venezuela, among many others. Yes to all of this!

We then talked about a Dear Feminist Hotdog question that has to be heard to be believed. Let’s just say it involved aliens and dating (but not dating aliens—although if that’s your thing….OK!) We wrapped up the episode by inducing two new innovators to the Hall of Fame. Chintia chose artist and co-founder of Dashboard Beth Malone. Dashboard is an experimental creative agency that seeks to improve the livability of public spaces for all people—how cool is that? I chose a young lady named Gitanjali Rao who, at the ripe old age of 12, has invented an efficient and affordable way to test water for lead. (Not feeling one bit insecure about my accomplishments in life…no, hmm mmm, not AT ALL.) Read about them both and get inspired!