Necessity Is the Motherhood of Invention

Episode 2 was recorded in a Washington, DC, hotel room with two microphones propped up on a cardboard box. While not a technical triumph, it was an awesome chapter in the story of my five-year friendship with the lovely and talented writer Joanna Williams.

It had been a tough—and bizarre—week news-wise. The federal government doesn’t want to recognize the existence of transgender people? Oh, OK. Pipe bombs being delivered to Eric Holder and Robert De Niro? Cool. We had a lot to talk about.

If you’ve listened to the episode and want quick access to all the rad stuff we talked about, here’s a summary with links.

Joanna’s feminist heart sang this week when she discovered The Trans Ally Toolkit authored by Jay-Marie Hill and published by the ACLU of Missouri. I highlighted a more metaphysical approach to society’s current ills with a delightful story about a coven of witches in Brooklyn, New York, who cast a spell on Brett Kavanaugh. After following up on the Lyft story from Episode 1 and tackling a tough polyamory problem submitted by a listener known as “Non-Monogomous Slut,” we then turned to the Hotdog Hall of Fame. Joanna chose to honor the black girls and young women who helped desegregate America’s schools, while I inducted Aaron Philip, a black, trans model who uses a wheelchair.

Despite the makeshift mic stand—or perhaps because of it—we had a ton of fun making this episode. Joanna, I can’t wait to have you back!