's a Podcast!

If I’m being honest, the origin story of this project leaves something to be desired.

I’d like to say that my decision to record my female friends talking about women’s badassery was purely motivated by the desire to share their magic with the world. But the fact is that Feminist Hotdog’s ingredients include the toxic byproducts of the Brett Kavanaugh hearings—the abattoir, if you will, that rendered my naïve belief that a recklessly partisan, executive-power-granting, tantrum-throwing alleged rapist could never be confirmed to our country’s highest court.

During the confirmation hearings (when it became clear that the last ounce of integrity to be found in a Republican lawmaker had died with John McCain), I remember squinting contemptuously at Mitch McConnell’s weird droopy turtle face (I know it’s not OK to make fun of people’s appearances, but LOOK AT HIM) and thinking to myself, “This guy knows and cares nothing about me or my life or the lives of women in this country. I would rather take advice from a hotdog than Mitch McConnell…as long as it was a feminist hotdog.”

The concept of a feminist hotdog made me laugh and gave me temporary reprieve from my rage. But then the words got stuck in my head. They haunted me for a few days, tormenting me with the knowledge that there was something more there—an idea that was dancing just beyond the reach of the hamster that runs my brain.

What did it mean?

Then, it hit me: I AM FEMINIST HOTDOG! My friends and I and independent-minded women everywhere are the anti-Mitch McConnell. Almost every woman I knew was suffering in that moment. We needed a place to talk about and celebrate news that was actually good for women. And our country needed to hear from us.

A week later, the incomparable Kristina Turner of The Fan Squad joined me for the first episode. Our mics sucked and we didn’t know what we were doing, but we laughed and had a great time. We talked about the new female Doctor Who, the reboot of Charmed, Kristina’s first trip to New York Comic Con—and Feminist Hotdog was born.

Thank you for listening and for being part of the pack. It means the world to me. If you have a question you’d like us to answer or a nomination for the Hotdog Hall of Fame, drop me a line.

Love yourself. Love your buns. And don’t look at Mitch McConnell’s face for too long.